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of the community of tuoulmne. >> they have everything under control. >> they will keep us protected. >> reporter: thousands of people are keeping an eye on the looming smoke. >> it is comforting to see. >> reporter: they are working around the clock to get the massive rim fire under control. >> it has been a long couple of days. >> reporter: the cost all most $13 million. . >> look at this. downtown reno is enveloped in smoke. health experts have pollution warnings. poor visibility has restricted air flights for rescues. >>> heavy rain on this area, this driver needed to be rescued. there was traffic on interstate 8. they called for tow trucks to get cars out. the rain will last until tomorrow. >>> a shooting happened at 2:07. someone tried to rob an ice cream vendor. he is in stable condition. the second shooting was at 2:21 at 104th avenue. one woman, one man has non life threatening injuries. he is still on the run. >>> gun shots at 11th and d street. one dead and one died at the hospital. they are trying to figure out what happened. these are the first homicides in union city in a year and
firefighters are doing to protect them. >>> after syria likely uses chemical weapons on its own people, the united states prepares for a possible military response. >>> if you want to know what a true american hero looks like, then you don't have to look too far. you have to look at your dad. >> a bay area soldier receives a nation's highest military honor. how he went above and beyond to help his comrades in an intense six-hour ambush. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida. the largest fire is raging on in and around yosemite national park. the rim fire has charred 230 square miles since it erupted nine days ago. that is roughly the size of chicago. the firefighters are slowly gaining ground, they have a line about 20% of the fire. not only is it threatening homes and campgrounds, but this map shows how close the fire is to the reservoir where the bay area gets much of its drinking water. cbs reporter tells us the tough choices firefighters may have to make if the fire doesn't slow down. >> yosemite national park is in flames. a wild fire the size of the city of
, reached out to them and they were not interested in talking to us. both sides seem more interested in talking at the bargaining table. one driver told us what he and his coworkers are up against. kevin reid has been driving an ac transit bus for nearly 13 years he says it is a dangerous job. >> drivers have been attacked. >> reporter: last month ac transit drivers in the midst of their own labor dispute kept driving as the bart trains came to a halt. now they are threatening to strike as early as wednesday. >> i am fighting for -- we need it we haven't had a decent wage over 8 years. the last 6 it has been take, take, take. >> reporter: reid makes 25.66 an hour nearly the maximum a driver can make. they offered the union a 9% raise over 3 years and wants workers to pay 10% of premiums for medical. the unions want a 10.25% wage and resisted changes to medical. reid thinks that could mean adopting bart workers tough tactics. >> it is how you play. it is a fifty fifty shot. it can work for you or against you. >> reporter: i have been covering both strikes i have to tell you the tone o
options on stay with us for continuing coverage of the looming strike. >>> new tonight, a car drives into people walking along the venice beach boardwalk in southern california. injuring at least a dozen people and one person has died. at least another person is hurt critically and another two separate serious injuries. several witnesses say the driver appeared to be in control of the car as it crashed into people. the driver then sped off. police haven't found him or his car since the crash around 6:00. witnesses describe him as in his mid 20s. >>> and flying shrapnel injured five spectators out watching the demolition of the old power plant in bakersfield today. one man's leg was severed. as jonathan gonzalez shows us authorities thought they had kept everyone at a safe distance from what was a planned implosion. >> three, two, one! hit it. >> reporter: this morning's pg&e power plant explosion goes aas expected but initially officials thought everything went according to plan. >> it was quick and all the structures fell as we anticipated. >> reporter: but notice the
their official three-day warning of a strike and telling us they are still nowhere near a deal. they called it a solidarity rally. over 1,000 union members flexing their political muscles shortly before announcing this. >> we are giving yoce of an im >> the bart strike, now imminent after nearly a month of frustrating negotiations. that the unions say have effectively gone nowhere. >> we have gone backwards in the last 30 days. >> union reps blame this man, tomahawk, the unions say his hardball tactics have stalled talks. >> he is a tool that is being paid $400,000 of our local taxpayer money to come in and bust up the union and drive down the wages of working families in the bay area. >> why are the unions saying you are the reasons why they made it nowhere on the negotiations? >> you'd have to ask them. >> i did ask them. you have been unwilling to negotiate with them. that you shut them down. >> i don't understand that. but you know, that's their view, i guess. >> why have you been such a lightning rod in these negotiations? >> you have to pick on somebody, right? >> both iss
will use bart. >> standing room only. very hot. >> while the bridge is closed, bart may see 20 to 30 percent more riders. maybe even setting a few records along the way. >> don't have to worry about fees and anything like that. it's a simpler way to go. >> would be a good way to promote this transit. >> when the bridge is shut down, bart will step things up with ten cars running day and night to get passengers where they need to go. two main lines will run through the night while the bridge is closed. but, less than half the stations will stay open during those late night hours. bart officials insist they are on track to handle the huge crowd. >> there are concerns there aren't enough volunteers to cover night and weekends. what does that mean? >> that's a misconception. they corrected it since. what it is, we will need our employees to sign up for the overtime. when it does, we are confident that people will sign up for the overtime. >> with bart workers ready to go and commuters on board with the plan, maybe next week commute will be a smooth one. what a wonderful world it wo
moving along depends on who talk to. a travel warning for the en world. the terror threat the u-s government is taking very seriously. and it's the closest thing being "ironman." the new water sport that's becomingl the rage. good evening i'm elizabeth . and i'm ken bastida. this just in from the south: smoldering flames and billo smoke wafting from a huge t fire in san martin. this ist the san martin transfer sta. authorities say a lot of trh is on fire and a number of firefighters are there tt a handle on it. they say they'll have to go in with bull doze >>> a lot of trash is on fire and a lot of firefighters are there. they say they will have to go in with bulldozers, kick it up, try to get water underneath it. not known how that fire got started. >>> first, itwas acsations marring negotiations to head off a bar strike. and tonight, a conflict about what is really going on behind closed doors. kpix5's kristen ayers is outside the talks and says it is all about who you want to believe. kristen. >> yeah, ken, both sides not just engaged in talk, but also in dualing pr campaigns.
what my daughter has been through. it's now healing time. keep us in your prayers. >>> tonight, a discouraging development in the bart negotiations. one of the unions called it quits for the weekend saying they are as far apart as management as ever. as don knapp reports, the other union representatives are still at it right now. don. >> reporter: that's right. still at it right now here at the caltrans building in oakland. although we did hear talk of progress being made, we did hear from two union negotiators who say no, one took the union right out of the building and said they won't be back until next week. it's not likely the next big step in the bart standoff with its unions will happen here. but in san francisco county superior court tomorrow morning at 9:00. that's when governor jerry brown is expected to ask the court to consider his request for a 60 day cooling off period. this evening, train operator and negotiator gave us an ingling of what has been going on today. >> we are making proposals and waiting to hear the response and we'll tell more what the tone is bas
of moving parts. officials are telling us up to 400 workers out here at any given time. they're making good progress. cal trans is saying they believe they will make that deadline and things are kind of humming along. >> you've got an awesome look at what's going on. unfortunately, people can't do that until tuesday morning. they'll see the effects of the construction that's going on. thank you, kristen. >> reporter: the bridge obviously forcing people to use other ways around the city. some of using bridges, bart, fer -- ferries. a lot of people had to deal with backups on freeways and bridges, as well. let's take a look at the conditions right now. we've got a couple maps up we want to show you. obviously at this hour of the evening, things are going to be pretty good in the green in the east bay right now. our next one will show you a current conditions and slow downs on the golden gate. can you see the golden gate bridge live there and traffic is pretty light at this hour as most people who are heading home have gotten home. the san mateo bridge pretty much the same way. of course the s
, really interesting to us. something that we don't think has been photographed before. we shot it tonight. our photographer, brian, captured this photo of the tower. if you look closely, you can see a v that comes off of the lighting off the top of that tower. we call it the tower beams. as far as we know, the first time it has been photographed. we are learning all kinds of new things about this bridge every day we come out here. kristen ayers right now is at the toll plaza with a look ahead at knew things that will be happening in the next 24 hours. kristen. >> yeah, ken, just in the past 15 seconds or so, we got an update saying that this portion of the toll plaza here is just about complete. we are talking more than 90% of the weight complete. this should be done. so work crews tonight clearing some of the final hurdles before the span can be open. caltrans say they are kicking off the final project one by one. here is what will happen over the next 24 hours. crews will finish demolishing 1,000 feet of roadway to make way for the bike path on the new bridge. they will also clean the
minutes. >>> under all signs of washington, the u.s. will soon take military action. what has to happen before the u.s. and some allies launch the missiles. >>> before the u.s. acts, it plans to publicly reveal some of the intelligence that vice president biden, crews is to blame for the mass casualties in syria. >> no doubt responsible for the heinous use of chemical weapons in syria. the syrian regime. >> the intelligence, much of it classified, ranges from intercepted communication to tests of sample, taken to victims, down to the simple fact, the regime is only known in syria to have a chemical weapons. david warned there's no smoking gun. >> that's never 100 percent certainty. there's never one piece or several pieces of intelligence. >> traveling in asia. defense secretary hagel spoke by phone in britain and france. to countries pledged to join the u.s. in punishing syria for using the chemical weapons. then asked by the reporter, if he has moved four destroyers in the mediterranean, if he's ready to strike. >> we're ready to go like that. >> each of the destroyers is armed with 4
, bart may be your best shot to get from here to there. >> they probably will use bart. >> standing room only. very hot. >> while the bridge is closed, bart may see 20 to 30% more riders. maybe even setting a few records along the way. . >> when the bridge is shut down, bart will step things up with ten-car trains running day and night to get -- ten-car train running to get cars where they need to go. >> while the bridge is closed, less than half the stations will stay open during those late night hours. >> bart officials insist they're on track to handle the huge crowds. >> there aren't enough volunteers to cover night and weekends, what does that mean. >> that's an misconception. we're going to need our employees to sign up for over time. that posting hasn't gone out yet. we're confident people will sign up for over time. >> with bart workers ready and commuters on board with a plan, maybe next week's commute will be a smooth one. what a wonderful world it would be. >> brian webb, kpix 5. >> and we've got all the details on additional bart trains, as well as bus and ferr your service.
for the federal government and joe vasquez tells us, the latest case she was working on was personal. involving her stolen dog being held for ransom. >> sandra is a good and kind woman. her daughter needs her. her family needs her. >> tonya says her sister is missing and might be in danger. sandra is a well respected investigator for the attorneys at the federal public defender's office in sacramento. >> her work han instrument tall in saving the life of one of my clients on death row. >> she has spent her career working in legal offices as an investigator. you know, fighting for the underdog. >> underdog in this case may have nothing to do with her job. her family pet, a cocker spaniel was stolen. two men said they would get the dog back for $1,000. her dog is still missing. >> possible she was trying to meet with one of these guys and get her dog back? >> that's what we guess, but we don't know. >> the cops found her car last night about 2 miles away in the 800 block of 32nd street. tonya tells me her work phone was found in emeryville and she traced her sister's personal cell phone t
they are sleeping well. >>> four days and a lot of talking. that's the only thing standing between us and another bart strike. workers and management have until sunday night to strike a deal. kristen, should we start prepping for plan b? >> reporter: the unions are actually saying at this point, it's important for people to be prepared for a strike. tonight, bart's chief negotiator spoke to us. he has been a lightning rod from the very beginning. he's been slammed for taking a vacation during bart negotiations, and recently he's been accused of a conflict of interests. we got a chance to talk to him tonight, and as he left the bargaining table, they only supported a small amount of money from the strike and defended his right to go on vacation. >> those days, we were not scheduled to meet. she had days scheduled monday and tuesday with the union. but there were no days originally scheduled with us for the week. >> what about the charges that you had a conflict of interest with the transportation company? >> i don't know anything about that. >> made five$500 during the strike? >> that's not a lot
employees tell us there used to be a lot of construction barricades, but for some reason, they were taken down. osha is investigating. the college chancellor and president held a somber press conference. only that the woman was on foot when the front loader hit her. >> construction projects are taking place, matters are taken to make sure people don't walk into what they cordenned off at the time. >> i cannot answer any details. >> the crews were there to upgrade the campus system. delayed the project indefinitely. kpix5. >> it is now clear the victim was a student, faculty, or construction worker. >> official confirmation came today. the body found near vacville on friday is sandra koch. the federal investigator vanished august 4 after leaving her north oakland home. sandra told her teenage daughter at the time she was heading to the store and would be right back. what happened then? police are not saying much. >> at this time, the oakland police department will not be releasing any additional information other than the identification. >> police later arrested 56- year-old, ran di
isn't putting up with it. kpix5 shows us what he did. linda. >> well liz, cell phone thefts are part of a new crime wave here in the nightclubs. the club owners are fighting back. this jail is ratting out the bad guys. the music is loud, everyone is dancing and drinking, and somewhere in that crowd, a cell phone thief is working. >> you know, on the average, we are losing 15 to 25 cell phones a weekend. >> worse yet, the thieves were ruining the clubs. victims were posting on the web, don't come unless you want your cell phone stolen. club owner and entertainment commissioner, steven lee, had enough. last weekend he set up a sting, smeared phones with a fluorescent gel and sent his decoys in. >> i was dancing and a couple of our agents were watching me and saw the suspect take the phone out of my purse. >> caught him. >> security and management went around to start looking at people's hands. because if you have it on the hands and the black lights are going, it's going to glow. >> they found the glowing hands on two suspects, busted. club for you're blacklisted. the club survei
today supporting us. [ crying ] >> trying to find her and her safe return home. >> reporter: randy is in custody tonight. but police say he has not yet been charged in this case. in the meantime, the search continues up by lake shabo in vallejo. >> reporter: deputies organized a search here at the solano county fairgrounds. that was at the request of the oakland police department. they have now on the ground solano develops from alameda county sheriff's office, and police officers from the napa police department. >> at this point, it's an above ground search. and we're searching as much area as we can. it's just begun. we just deployed i believe two or three teams out right now. there's a lot of area to be searched. and they're doing it grid style. >> will you go all night? >> that depend s on our manager, the oakland police department, and a couple of things. but we're going to go as long as we either need to, until we find something or until they tell us to stop. >> are you prepared to go in the water? >> at this point if we need to go in the water, we have resources to do that.
opposition leaders say proves the government is using a horrific kind of weapon. >>> crews are working around the clock to put the finishing touches on the new bay bridge. but when it finally opens, will you be ready? what the new commute will look like, and why caltrans is warning it could be a distraction at first. >> i just want to remind everyone that we are one week away from the bay bridge closing. so one week from today, august 28th, at 8:00 pm, the full bridge will be closed. >> reporter: when the span reopens, a ride will look something like this. >> you are going to see the tower and the cables. and you will get these great views of the east bay. but we do ask that drivers leave the gawking to their passengers. >> reporter: one thing drivers won't be seeing is the spreaded temporary s-- dreaded temporary s-curve that slowed rush hour traffic down to 35 miles per hour creating backup all wait to san francisco. >> i don't know if that change will happen right away. people might be taking their time getting used to the new bridge. >> reporter: first, they're going to need to shut down
on a term innocent fix. using the saddle you see here to stabilize the bridge for good. >> ultimately, it will be up to a three person committee, including the head of caltrans to decide whether to go ahead with the opening around labor day. they are expected to talk about all of this, including that letter in a conference call tomorrow. >> it sounds like law enforcement is gearing up for a labor day opening. >> we have seen a lot of signs out there that the bridge looks ready to open. it is empty already. there is very little work left to do and last week, the highway patrol started signing up officers for traffic and security control just in case it does open on labor day. >> 60 day window of opportunity from bart. they will be rolling. there's the alternative. caltrans needs to do this. >> it's all kind of set up. the stage is set. so all it takes is for them to give it the go ahead. >> well, the post political life of hillary clinton is one of awards and accolades. today, a stop in san francisco where she was recognized with the american bar association metal for her own lega
. >> the u.s. geological survey will gather those sensors throughout the next week, then they can start combing through that data. in hayward, kpix 5. >>> a new five-story structure will be built elsewhere on campus and will serve as office space. >>> in a matter of hours, we may be seeing and feeling big changes in the weather. take a loovenlth these aren't the clouds we normally see. roberta gonzales is here with what you need to know for the rest of your weekend. roberta. >>> you're right. those clouds near the golden gate bridge typically are not seen there. those are clouds all associateed with a tropical moisture. we'll get more into that, but this is what you need to know to kick start your sunday. it is spare the air day where we will have ozone very close to the surface is pollution. it's trapped primarily in the eastern portion of our bay area. that's where you see a bit of a haze. so in addition to that, by the time we wrap up our sunday, we'll have a fire weather watch in effect for all of these yellow highlighted areas. now, that means that from sunday night all the way to
officials exclusively to us tonight. the vote tomorrow is essentially a formality, they say. the bridge is expected to open on labor day. >> reporter: the decision to open the new bay bridge over the labor day weekend is expected to be formalized in a public vote tomorrow morning by these men, the heads of the bay area toll authority, caltrans, and the state transportation commission. the governor has already thrown his support behind the labor day opening after a federal report and a series of independent reviews deemed the new eastern span safe enough to open with a temporary fix of 32 busted bolts. now it will be a mad dash to pull the opening off. crews are expected to shut the bridge down for five full days as they scramble to pave it and paint it. there is demolition work still to be done. caltrans has told us their crews are up for it. >> in a sick kind of way, people thrive on being stressed to do a great job and the challenges of doing it are actually exciting. >> reporter: we've learned there will be a modest ceremony celebrating the opening of the bridge. but nothing like the
with his bicycle. but he won't spend a day in prison. that's because kpix5 tells us, the dead man's son asked a judge to give the cyclist a second chance. >> bicyclist, chris entered court and the record books as possibly the first u.s. bicyclist to plead guilty to felony vehicle manslaughter. they will serve 1,000 hours of community service. >> we are hoping this is going to send a very clear message, like loss of work to everyone, regardless of whether you are riding a bike, walking, we all share responsibility. in providing safety in our community. >> the plea deal comes a year and four months after he ran red lights as he made his way to the marketing intersection. at market, he later wrote in his blog, i couldn't see a line through the crowd. and i couldn't stop. so i layed it down and plowed through the crowded crosswalk in the least populated place i could find. he slammed into the pedestrian who died four days later. >> type of person my father was, he always taught me to give people a second chance. no matter what happens, because that's what makes society civil. >> his son
there may be heavier traffic than you might be used to with everybody bypassing the bay bridge. other people will use bart. wart will carry the brunt of the load. this is what the station looked like earlier this evening. bart is running trains around the clock through monday evening, but they are going to have limited overnight service. ac transit is offers service. san francisco bay ferry willed aextra crossing. same then between san francisco and sausalito. and special bike special to get the bike over the golden gate and the richmond, san rafael bridges. beginning tomorrow morning our broadcast will begin at 4:00 a.m. we'll have the alternative to get to work on time. you can check out our survival guide at >>> moving on to the wildfires the fastest grows wildfire in the nation is making yosemite look like a war zone. since it broke out august 17th the rim fire has burned through 187,000-acres. it is 23% contained and some ash has fallen on the surface of the hetch hetchy res zone none is where the water is withdrawn. we sent kent to the fire zone to see how bad it is. w
. investigators used bone marrow to identify ethan anderson's remains. he is on the left. a statewide amber alert was issued. it is where police found the kidnapping suspect's car. duncan with these potential breaks in the case. >> reporter: law enforcement with automatic rifles search a rural idaho town where a car belonging to california murder suspect, james demagio was found. he appears to be traveling with the missing 16-year-old, hanah anderson. >> we have not searched that vehicle yet. it will be processed just as any piece of evidence in any criminal investigation is. >> the car was found this morning near cascade, idaho, more than 800 miles from san diego. that's where demagio's house was found in flames sunday. inside, the burned bodies of anderson's mother, christina, and that of a child. authorities say he had an unusual infatuation with the girl. idaho police say on wednesday, a man on horseback saw two people who matched the descriptions of demagio and anderson. they looked like common backpackers. >> they had gear with them. they had camping equipment. it seemed to him. >> pol
they would use deadly force to stop them. they kept their word too. in cairo, demonstrated ignored a state of emergency and a heavy military presence in an attempt to set up a protest camp in the heart of the city. they were soon surrounded by security forces. at one point, the violence was so bad that protesters jumped off a bridge trying to escape. we found a group that was determined to reach the main protest, despite the fighting that was raging around them. it was relentless. the crowds would push forward. the sound of automatic weapons would ring out, the police gunning down protesters. then came wave after wave of the severely wounded. >> this is the emergency room to the hospital near the protest. demonstrators have been marching straight into police gunfire. there are no ambulances so they are using motorcycles to shuttle back and forth to evacuate the wounded. pandemonium. >> reporter: the government warned that they would use deadly force to demonstrators. that didn't keep you away? >> yeah. we have only our body. we don't have anything else. anything else. our soul and our bodi
with the new east span of the bay bridge that left it $5 billion overbudget and ten years late. >> i used to call it the project that did not seem to have a certain karma. >> reporter: that state senator speaking on kpix 5 sunday morning. he's the head of the senate transportation committee, which has a new project on its hands. >> to go back through and to do the forensic investigation to find out what went wrong for the project to learn from our mistakes. >> reporter: most recently the on again, off again opening of the bolts, after years of political hemming, hauling over the material and the design. >> i think that we are also going to see a fairly high level of the dismanagement of the project. >> reporter: and the metro politician said they took it to above. >> you can have a chief, but you cannot have it both ways. >> reporter: in this case we've got neither. >> it was a big task in some case as we failed that test. >> reporter: and there are more tests in the works for california's governmental agency. the high-speed rail. tens of billions of dollars over budget and the delta wate
to prove it. >> it just seems like the wild west out here. >> reporter: josh daniels didn't used to feel that way about oakland, but early saturday morning here in franco gala plaza that changed. they didn't want him using their trash bin. >> they start saying, you don't belong here. get out of here, we're going to beat your ass. at that point, i reached for my phone, and started filming the incident. >> reporter: daniel says one of the man became incensed, and attacks. >> right at that moment, he grabs my shirt color and starts pounding me. >> reporter: the man beat daniels until he blacked out. when he woke up, daniels was covered in blood. >> ten stitches and then some dermabond. i have an orbital fracture on my eye. >> reporter: daniels worries this incident has changed him. >> it really is hard to. >> reporter: we were unable to confirm what happened to the public works employees. the mayor has made no comment, and the oakland police department will only say they're investigating. >> daniel says his cell phone was gone when he regained consciousness, so the video he recorded was los
his life is his decision. i want him back in the u.s. >> he will meet him in moscow to discuss the charges against the former government contractor. he's been granted asylum in russia for 3 years. >> the only deal will be true justice. >> snowden is accused of leaking classified information. late last week, president obama announcing plans to make the programs more transparent and accountable. >> republican congressman peter king says surveillance is a legitimate role of government. >> i know what life and death means. we could not afford to have this on a debating society. lives are at steak. >>> much of what the president suggested friday about reviewing the program is superficial. >> snowden's father says he hasn't spoken with his son since he left the u.s. >>> activist, the dream 9 were arrested last month from crossing the border without legal documentation. they say they want to highlight an immigration system they call broken. >> it's not about asylum. it's about opening the door to let everybody. >> all 9 were illegally brought into the country by their parents as child
adventures in traffic lying ahead as we get used to these new patterns. reporting live, kpix5. >> don't forget, the bridge will be closing down next week and we are counting down the days until wednesday night's closure of the old span and the opening of the new span tuesday morning as don says, september 3, you can find all the details on our website and be sure to check out our survival guide at >>> the stanford, cal football rivalry is one of the biggest games in college football. the school's swap duty each year, but the construction could mean a new venue for the big game. kpix5 stopped by cal for reaction. >> for cal and stanford football fans, there's nothing like the big game. the annual matchup of bay area rivals. it's always been played at either stanford or memorial stadium, but in 2014, it might be played at the new levi stadium in santa clara. right now, cal's chancellor won't say. >> there's discussions going on. i understand that monday will have something to say about that. >> khalfans have things to say right now. >> it's ridiculous because that i
would like that. but you know what happens, you get more time as they use it up and they don't get the final results. she doesn't want to give them more time. she wants it to stop right now. we'll need to wait and see what happens. >> all right, thank you. >>> so we will focus a lot on the impact that they have on the east bay. but tonight, they have reactions from the community leaders relying on the train. kit? yeah a lot of people are down here depending on bart to beat the horrendous commute in that tri valley area. not much to do, but to shake your head and cross your fingers. >> reporter: at the very least, you can say that you have been there and done that. >> i'm actually going to stay in the house tomorrow. i'm working from home tomorrow. >> reporter: with the midnight strike deadline looming, the bay area has been reduced to two groups of people. those who don't depend on bart and those who were concerned because they do. those riders have been keeping tabs on the media reports. >> what can you say? it sucks. >> reporter: plan b is to adjust the hours and get to work at 1
in 2008. has it worked at all this time around? >> reporter: oakland police say they have used the strategy to basically dismantle two different gangs. one was the case gang, there was also the money team. but the homicide rate is still close to what it was last year. and the city needs to put more money and resources into cease-fire. >>> where is sandra coke? that's the friends family and police have been asking since she disappeared sunday night in oakland. she was last seen in her north oakland home before leaving to talk to someone who may have had information on her stolen dog. her car was found abandoned monday night at an apartment complex. >> truly a painful, painful thing to have somebody who you love and who has family members who depend on her just disappear. it is just unthinkable. >> she is an investigator for the federal defender's office, which represents inmates on death row. >>> we got quite an eye-opener today when we found out just how far apart bart and its unions are on a new contract. how about $100 million? that is the difference between what the union wa
plane crash, a clarification about the use of cameras on the helmets. these images raised questions as to whether or not the chaos contributed to the death of the crash survivor. today the san francisco fire department set the record straight about their policy for helmet recording devices. >> the policy specifically says that recording devices of any kind any type of recording device is prohibited without the commission of the chief involved. >> reporter: authorities allowed firefighters to wear the helmet cameras as they will be city issued. >>> two weeks from tomorrow. we will see the first cars crossing the new eastern span of the bay bridge. right now we're just nine days from the big conversion closure. they will shut down the entire bridge the night of wednesday, august 28. now remember those bad bolts that threatened to hold this whole thing up? well, kristin ayers tells us the contractors installing them will now stand to pocket a big bonus. >> reporter: it is one of the final steps before the eastern span of the bay bridge that will open the tuesday after labor day. the en
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